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I had the pleasure of getting a pass to AFWL last weekend and it was definitely worth the visit! 

Visiting exhibitions can be a challenging task when it comes to remembering to photograph, document note-take and get excited over everything you see! (Especially if you're a magpie like me). Well let me tell you, I was not disappointed and I was so excited to be able to cover the event with my new found partner in crime Ellie Jelly who is the editor and founder of Re-Vision Magazine. RE-VISION

Having never been to AFWL before I was unsure what to expect, but what I discovered was an exciting, colourful paradise of celebration of all african culture and fashions on all levels. The craftsmanship, skill and origin is such a rich mix of eclectic combination. The inspiration behind each brand often had an ethical origin and what I find most overwhelming was that it was all about celebrating culture, embracing identity and supporting one another. I found that african fashion is prouder than most and truly cherish the source of products with great care and heart. 

Having been to Paris and London fashion week I think we all need to take inspiration from this initiative and connect back to the roots of where fashions come from making sure the people who originate ideas and skill are loved and taken care of. Only then do we have true fashion and beauty. 

For the best part of the day we learnt how to head wrap, explored intricate jewellery and craftsmanship as-well as talking to many designers who spend time throughout the year between the UK and various countries in Africa to connect the worlds of fashion in harmony.

Designer: Selina Beb  Photograph: Ioana Mitroi

One of my favourite pieces from the entire show and collection exhibition! Selina Beb uses intricate embroidery to put together these beautiful caged cape pieces using traditional African Fabrics, spending her time between the UK and GHANA  and making them her own! The capes retail at £40 each. 

Ellie and I fell in love with Needlepoint pieces which saw unique shapes and silhouette with clashing prints. My favourite was the lace which was incorporated with the print. I also love how the brand layers beading on top of the pattern as shown below! 

Odette and the models! Image: bbc coverage

Lucas from continent clothing!

Parisian brand JustArt show us their big hats! 

Prints from Porjai Thai:

Kiyana Wraps: 
Thankyou to the lovely ladies at Kiyana Wraps who taught us how to tie our wraps! So many possibilities and innovative ideas. See below how other women wore theirs and what Ellie and I learnt! 

Tote Collections: 

The lovely lady:  Bola Obileye of Tote Collections

We fell in love with these rucksacks, adding a modern twist on recycled fabric you can buy it online here: 


 I had to take a photograph of these beautiful women on my way into the exhibition, the power in their presence was incredible. Breath- taking beauty strength and femininity  On the left is Rene, author of 'ownbyfemme', middle is model Maureen Powell and on the right is 'frogirlginny' check out their blogs as listed below! 

Odette, heading the social media at AFWL and part-time model and part-time queen; this last never fails to inspire me with what she wears, her confidence and her skill. Check out her work here: http://odettesteele.co.uk

I love this new take on patchwork, authentic animal prints combined with denim, I want a pair in denim full length! 

This outfit was woven entirely out of hair extensions and braided intricately! So interesting and one of the show pieces, another design incorporating the cultural strength of hair in reference to african culture and identity. 

T-shirts from Primavera show beautiful illustrations of African women. 

Primavera sportswear: We fell in love with these leggings: who said fitness couldn't be groovy? 

Odette and the editor of NewAfrican Woman magazine

Vividly creative :Not only a makeup collective but 40% of all profits made by the company will be re-invested into The Most Beautiful You social enterprise project that is used to organise FREE inspirational and educational events, create innovative short courses and many more helpful resources benefiting young females across the UK.

Trying on my MAIWAX glasses....

We had the pleasure of meeting Nathaniel from A.S.O I particularly enjoyed hearing Nathaniel's reasons for setting up A.S.O which particularly engages with and is defined by: 

'Aṣọ it is a metaphor for all people of African descent around the world: something built from common fibres, adaptable, woven into many forms, but without loss of its original essence' 

Not only produced sweatshop free A.S.O also aims to take power and raise the issue of strong portraiture in the african community. We discussed the ideas of depiction and photography and part of the a.s.o initiative is to state control in the way people of colour are depicted through the camera lens providing a platform to produce strong portraiture in which portrays strength and beauty rather than a passive subject as western photography can often portray. 
I love the powerful beauty in which the campaigns are shot: with optical backgrounds the portraits stand bold and undisturbed in the foreground:

Thankyou for having us AFWL! 

Nell x 

Some of my favourite brands exhibiting on the day and featured above were: 

- Maiwax eyewear: http://maiwax.fr

- Continent Clothing: http://continentclothing.com

- Aso- Global clothing and photography: http://aso-global.com

- Needlepoint Clothing: http://www.needlepointwoman.com

- Kiyana Wraps: 

-Primavera Fitness: http://www.primaverafitness.com

Just Art: 
www.Just Art.fr

SPOTLIGHT on the girls: 





RE-Vision Mag: http://www.re-visionmagazine.com


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