Wednesday, 1 April 2015



Tell me what secrets lie under your tarpualin roof? 

7 YEARS of observation resulted in this beautiful story of the community in Dalston market; The pictures and debris capture the acceleration of change and the threat that the beautiful cocktail of authentic culture in london is under;

1 tsp of the jewels which adorn the sari's of southall 

400g of the rich powders and spices of the sri lankan food of tooting market...

560g Of the metre's and metre's of fabric which line the pavments and walls of Goldhawk Rd...

7 tbsp of the vibration of the reggae bass which shakes the wild and wonderful fruit in the streets of Brixton 

It is these ingredients of the markets and hubs of community which make london alive. It is little gestures which support these people, these places which have been bought to us from all corners of the world. 

This exhibition further ignited my desire to support the people of the world. These are no secrets of community; they are simply discoveries we make in london everyday. 


LONDON is my home it is a rich hub of treasure; as a city it offers protection for all cultures and all backgrounds. 
I am familiar with the phrase 'earning a living' however VITTURI sculpts and captures this phrase as a timeless work of art and reflection. 

ENTWINING the human form with living plants he connects them in a way which puts them under a spell and very quickly I find myself regarding them as treasure..... 
An apple glows much like a ruby - a banana glows gold and the richness of each against eachother has a majesty- much like that of a treasure chest.

The EXPLOSION of colour breathes life into the plants which are otherwise decomposing and rotting away; surely a metaphor for the struggle of cultures to withstand LONDON and it's greed for concrete and metal over raw beauty of people and stories. The glow of these treasures is diminishing before us and VITTURI re-ignites the personal connection between produce and human. 


FACES ARE VEILED, CONCEALED AND HIDDEN... I have a desire to know the stories of these people, where did they come from? What does this fruit symbolize for them and what pools of knowledge do their eyes withhold? The key to this information is all around us in London- this is what I am in love with. Everyone has something to offer, share and welcome one another with.

SCULPTED and embodying human spirit it imprints the question of who we are and what defines us? Are we composed of culture or is culture merely something we learn.
 Regardless of which it is I believe culture is the most important piece of Jenga in society- especially in cities such as london. Learning from one another enriches us in a way which would never have been impossible without this fusion of origin of worldwide congregation. 

I walk away graced with the simplicity of appreciation for the dynamic discoveries that still remain in the city I call home; a simple but beautiful feeling. TIME TO EXPLORE! 

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