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Last week as part of the #secondhandfirst initiative; a campaign started and run by the charity TRAID I was asked to contribute as one of the stylists.

I worked in: 

Traid Hammersmith
Traid Camden

 As part of the event I worked with shoppers in a couple of stores to encourage secondhand fashion and the idea of incorporating it into an everyday life style! I had so much fun and I hope you enjoy the post....

Adjusting and picking bits from the rail in Traid Camden

I had the exciting task of meeting with shoppers and coming up with a range of outfits which suited their desired styles and looks.

We incorporated a range of looks, textures and accessories and I photographed each look. 

‘i would never have picked this out for myself’ Kamilla - Musician and charity founder. 
‘Wow I would never have put this together myself but i LOVE it!!’ Kate, Student

'I never normally wear colour but you may have persuaded me!' 
The idea was to introduce the idea fun and experimentation within fashion in a sustainable environment. 

TRAID expertly select high quality clothing which are a mixture of old and new, and handpicked vintage so I encouraged this mix of selection with each shopper. 

Obviously in between I had my own fun with dressing up 
and even purchased a couple of items that the shoppers didn't heheh! 
I dressed men and women which was diverse and provided a sense of variety, 

Below are some of mine and the shoppers favourite looks featured and the way they wore them! I hope you enjoy this secondhand style montage and please head to TRAID to take the secondhand pledge... 


My first shopper was the LOVELY Kamilla Arku: she is a musician and runs a charity called Musicforliberia, we tried quite a few styles and she went back to work a happy lady! 

70's graphic folk dress £15.99, Boots £9.99 (Sold) and Hat £10.99

Kamilla wears sequinned dress (vintage) paired with black leather boots, glittery crop and fur hat (all vintage)

First up was the lovely Kamilla who asked me to introduce her to sequins and have some fun... Boots: £9.00, Dress £12.00 

Go check out the Traid store in Hammersmith you'll feel like you're in a magical walk in wardrobe!
Red lace coat as below, 60's mini block dress £14.99  Hat £10.99

We tried this beautiful teal silk coat on Kate which she loved! I paired it with a pale pink fur collar and a beanie to give it a more casual feel.
Teal Robe coat £30.99, Collar as above, Brogue heeled shoes £19.99. Mohair Beanie £5.99. 

Chinese red lace coat £15.99, orange clutch £8.99 and Teal dress.

Everyone in Traid getting in the styling spirit! <3

Kate trying on her first look of the pleated navy chiffon dress!

Having a little dress up in between shoppers
Candy lace blazer £7.99 Fur collar £8.99 Fur hat £5.99

Large Japanese kimono! £12.99
Sparkling the winter away in sequinned shorts with mohair jumper  coat (Sold)

Waiting for Kamilaa to get changed I had a little scout myself.... LOVE this sari top and the hat. 

Polka prints and Leather sleeves ...


YES to Tangerine knee highs, sequin dresses and fur bolero's....
Teddy Bears Picnic

THRIFT SQUAD: Jonny; medical student and Dave @ London college of fashion are styling out in all SECONDHAND 

I styled Dave in a suede bomber with a large African body piece as a scarf, I love the colours...

Jonny in colour blocked corduroy.....

Formula 1 + DAVE

Grandpa's coming too visit....

I put on a yellow linen oversized tea towel dress and I love it

Beautiful in indigo

Royal College of Art student - Jess in button up shirt and vintage mini dress.

One of my favourite outfits of the day, I found this bright orange number hiding away....

Trouser skirt Trouser skirt Trouser skirt Trouser skirt?

One of my bestest pals AYESHA in Converse platforms and button up red tweed <3

THANKYOU SO MUCH TO TRAID FOR HAVING ME and please support secondhandfirst by heading to the website or going to visit the stores mentioned yourself! 

Some pieces may still be available in TRAID if not marked as purchased so head down to a TRAID store and get involved! 

If you missed the styling sessions last week and are still interested in making the most of your charity shop purchases then feel free to drop me an email @ 
LOUDSAIDNELLY@GMAIL.COM or head down to a Traid shop to see what you can discover! 

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